About ArquiBus

The goal of ArquiBus is to introduce unrecognized twentieth century architectural heritage to the users of Santiago’s crowded bus lines. Financed through public funding, it consists in distributing printed leaflets inside the buses: they show a map of the route, a selection of architectural works, with the essential information (architect, date, place, picture) and a short text highlighting their value in architectural as well as social, political or historical terms.

La Oficina

La Oficina is a cultural resource management agency created in 2012 by Maximiano Atria and Anne-Laure Guillet, in Santiago de Chile. It aims at creating, producing and promoting projects in different cultural areas (architecture, audiovisual, fine arts) and various formats (printed and web editions, exhibitions, events), with a special focus on the public-service oriented audiences.
To carry on the ArquiBus project, La Oficina worked together with Elisa Gil (documentary research), Gabriel Renié (photography) and Portable (graphic design). La Oficina also thanks for their help José Joaquín Atria, Rodrigo Booth, Marie-Anne Dubosc and Chantal Valette.

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