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11 Población La Bandera


No architect.

Parque La Bandera, San Ramón.

The “población” La Bandera is one of the most iconic popular neighborhoods in Santiago. It was originally an informal occupation of empty terrains in January 1969 by groups of organized inhabitants of insalubre shanty towns. After Allende’s raising to power, it was formalized with a regular urban grid, privileging the organization of small
“quartiers” around small squares with playgrounds and trees. Due to its strong political conscience and social cohesion, La Bandera is now a consolidated area, with several public facilities located inside its borders, like the city hall, a police station, several public schools; it is now the real center of San Ramón municipality. Expression of its political involvement are the murals that cover almost every blind wall, with a rich and highly developed aestethic sensitivity, here as well as in other popular neighborhoods in Santiago’s periphery.

Población La Bandera
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