La Moneda – La Pintana

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9 Estación Intermodal La Cisterna


Montealegre Beach, architects.

Américo Vespucio / Gran Avenida José Miguel Carrera, La Cisterna.

A key element in the structure of the Santiago mass transit system, the intermodal station at La Cisterna is a pole of commerce, transport and exchange at all levels, connecting metro, bus and intercity lines. It was conceived as a node of Transantiago (Santiago’s public transportation system), in the populous periphery of the capital, and as such orders the different flows of people at rush hours. Its interior contains a shopping mall at the street level, designed with exposed steel structures and on the exterior the facade shows an interesting cladding together with a lighting system that enhances its important urban setting.

Estación Intermodal La Cisterna
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