La Moneda – La Pintana

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12 Conjuntos Marta Arteaga y Baltazar Villalobos


Alfredo y Jorge Velasco Urzúa, architects.

Calles Marta Arteaga y Baltazar Villalobos, Santiago.

Just south of Matta Avenue, these two alleys are lined by an interesting set of modern houses built by real-estate entrepeneur Baltazar Villalobos (who gave his own and his wife’s name to the two streets when opening them in his terrain), intended to be rented to immigrant families. All the houses follow a similar design, with slight differences; the continuity of their facades configures a unique setting.To this day, the houses are kept in very good condition, at safe of the real-estate density-oriented pressures that have affected the surrounding neighborhood.

Conjuntos Marta Arteaga y Baltazar Villalobos
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