La Moneda – La Pintana

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6 Caracol Lo Ovalle


Luis A. Darraïdou y Guillermo Montero, architects.

Gran Avenida José Miguel Carrera 6552, La Cisterna.

An icon of the main commercial avenue of La Cisterna comune, and for a long time the terminal station of the line 2 of the metro, including a bus station in its rear courtyard, the Caracol Lo Ovalle is a good example of this commercial typology (the shops following a helicoidal structure, hence the name, “snail” in spanish) that was profusely built in more central areas in Santiago and Providencia in the 1980s. Its curious cladding in blue ceramic tiles and its relation with the metro station in a shared square make it a characteristic element in the visually overpopulated context of the Gran Avenida.

Caracol Lo Ovalle
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