La Moneda – La Pintana

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10 Bloques 1010


Corporación de la Vivienda (CORVI) architects.

Av. Ossa entre Cerro Negro y Pedro Aguirre Cerda, San Ramón.

The 1010 block is an extensively built typology of public housing developed by the Corporación de la Vivienda (Housing Corporation), between 1953 and 1976. Construction is very simple, in exposed brick and concrete structure, iron windows and its characteristic rain drainpipes on its four corners. The distribution of its plan is very rational: four apartments around a central staircase, containing the garbage-disposal shaft, in four stories. They were built in groups, conforming small neighborhoods with social and sports amenities on the shared ground, and in different regions of the country, from north to south.

Bloques 1010
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