210 Sur

Estación Central – Puente Alto

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13 Hospital Sótero del Río


Fernando Devilat Rocca, architect.

Av. Concha y Toro 3459, Puente Alto.

The original Peral Sanatory for tuberculosis is, since its opening in the thirties a key actor in the public health system. The original building followed in its design the modern ideals, its 300 beds in spaces with plenty of light and ventilation, and it was the most advanced hospital in Chile. With the years it had to provide treatment to an ever-increasing population, so new buildings had to be built on the same site. Today, halfway between downtown Santiago and the suburban comune of Puente Alto, the hospital is still a relevant landmark among a low, extended urban context, and it still keeps its purity in spite of being surrounded by less valuable additions.

Hospital Sótero del Río
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