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Estación Central – Puente Alto

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9 UNCTAD III, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral


José Covacevic, Hugo Gaggero, Juan Echenique, José Medina, Sergio González Espinoza, arquitectos. 2009: Cristián Fernández y Lateral, arquitects.

Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 227, Santiago.

The building of the GAM Cultural Center was designed originally as the seat for the third United Nations Conference on Trade and Commerce, UNCTAD, in 1972. It was one of the biggest initiatives of the Allende government, and was finished in 275 days, with several workers shifts, many of whom worked for free as a commitment to the leftist government of the Popular Unity coalition. After the conference it was opened as a public cultural center, and in 1973, when the La Moneda palace was bombed during the coup d’état, hosted the executive and legislative branched of the dictatorial government. When built, it was one of the most interesting cases of art and architecture integration, with works of art made by the leading artist of Chile, some of which still exist, whereas others were forever lost when the military occupied the building. In 2005 a fire destroyed a relevant part of its halls and structure, and a competition was organized to reconvert it again into a cultural center, today the most dynamic of the country.

UNCTAD III, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral
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