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Estación Central – Puente Alto

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2 Conjunto Virginia Opazo


Luciano Kulczewski, architect.

Virginia Opazo, Santiago.

The small neighborhood of Virginia Opazo street occupies today the site of the former Meiggs property, owned by the American entrepeneur and railroad mogul Henry Meiggs (1811-1877). The shape of the curved street follows the location of the old main house, and its garden structure. The design belongs to Luciano Kulczewski, in a neoclassic style rather far from its usual eclectic aesthetics of neogothic architecture. Today, even if it stands some meters away from the busy Alameda avenue, is a quiet and amazingly well-preserved ensemble, with nice front lawns and a characteristic white paint that gives uniformity to the houses.

Conjunto Virginia Opazo
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