Centro – Huechuraba

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8 Edificio de Departamentos KPD


KPD – Juan Verschueren, architect.

Raquel 614-622-634, Recoleta.

This was one of the last projects built by the prefabricated buildings factory KPD (“construction in big panels”, in its Russian initials) donated by the Soviet Union to the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende in 1972, and closed by the dictatorship in 1982. This system was extensively used in several Chilean cities, and allowed the erection of a four-story building in a matter of days, through the use of prefabricated panels for walls, balconies, loggias, stairs, etc. The final design was obtained by the combination of these elements, and its excellent material quality can be ascertained today by the perfect state of conservation of this building in Recoleta Avenue.

Edificio de Departamentos KPD
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